Scott "Spooky" Mensching started playing drums professionally at the age of 18 with Prog rock, pop, showbands and big bands in the Chicago area. He has appeared on stage with headliners and legends such as Traffic Jam, The Atomic Martinis, Pop star Chi Coltrane, and Jazz legend Joe Venuti.

   Always a fan of classic horror, surf, and jazz he had the idea for the Moon-Rays while working with Greg Griffiths Tony DiMichele and Terry Bernett in The Atomic Martini's in Chicago. Most of the bands first album were songs the Martini's had performed live for many years.

   Scott was inducted into Who's Who for his contribution to film music in 2010-

  Keyboardist Greg Griffiths is a graduate of the American Conservatory of Music and has played with many of Chicago's best musicians..  He met Scott in 1995 in the height of the "Cocktail" craze when they played together in the Atomic Martinis. Greg is responsible for most of the "spooky"backgrounds in the MR's compositions, including his secret weapon "The Worm"

  Greg is the only other musician to play on all of the Moon-Rays recordings 

There have been many musicians who have contributed to the Moon-Rays recordings over the years, some who's names I unfortunately can't even remember but the core of the Moon-Rays were as followed by album-

Thrills and Chills 1999-

Greg Griffiths- all keys

Terry Bernett- sax

Tony Dimichele- bass (and lead guitar on Experiment in Terror)

Marty Bergerud- Bass on Shot in the Dark

Harry Reinhart- Guitars

Spooky- All percussion including vibes

Patti Miller- background vocals

The Ghouls Go West

lineup same as Thrills except for Marty

Sinister Surf

Greg- Keys

Scott- percussion

Brandon Cochran- Guitars

Paul Luka- Bass guitar

Andy Blanco- sax

Bruce Nelson- vibes

Swingin at the Seance'

Greg- keys

Brandon- guitars

Adam Kraus- bass

Andy- sax

Scott- drums

Bruce- vibes

Vince Clark- vocals

Something Wicked (Rough Draft) 2014



Guitars- Rod McClure, John Knect, Gerry Cote,

Bass- Mike Maratea

Muse- Luna